Mobile video station for object surveillance with AI-based video analysis and encrypted transmission

MULTIEYE STORM (Surveillance Tower for Observation and Remote Monitoring) is the latest generation of mobile video stations for monitoring objects, infrastructures, outdoor events, etc. equipped with state-of-the-art video technology and artificial intelligence, as well as central switching.

AI-based video analysis

Using integrated, AI-based video analysis, objects are automatically detected, classified and reported during live operation. The artificial intelligence thereby reduces false alarms to an absolute minimum. Depending on the application, special AI tools can be used additionally, e.g. for early fire detection, vandalism, LeftObject, SlipFall overcrowding up to counting of persons, vehicles.

Basic equipment

The MULTIEYE STORM basic equipment includes a device container with 24h battery backup, 6m telescopic mast, 180°/360° overview camera*s, PTZ camera*s, loudspeaker for bidirectional audio, spotlight, LTE router or DSL box. Additional equipment such as thermal cameras and container variants with solar power are optionally available.

MULTIEYE CLOUD monitoring with maximum security

Individual as well as a multitude of MULTIEYE STORM stations at different locations can be centrally connected via the MULTIEYE CLOUD and queried by the customer. Data security plays a major role for us: All live streams and recordings are highly encrypted. In addition, the transmission can be secured via VPN. Livestreams and recordings can be accessed via PC, notebook and app via tablet or smartphone.

Control station connection

MULTIEYE STORM stations can also be connected to alarm control centers with video control stations. Here, we work together with the company MEBO Sicherheit GmbH from Bad Segeberg, among others. The alarm control centers monitor the objects – depending on the specification up to around the clock – and initiate appropriate measures in the event of an alarm.

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